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BlueZilla at Dan Lynch

BlueZilla  click to download the CDdownload
Live at Dan Lynch  1996


  • Dave Doneghy – Gtr, vocals
  • Matt Feinberg – Bass
  • George Morales – Drums
  • Charles Glasser – Guitar on San Jose and Texas Flood

Track names:

Anyone into the modern blues world knows of the legendary New York City bar  Dan Lynch. Located in the East Village, Lynchs was the place for blues musicians to gather for almost 20 years. It’s legendary weekend jam sessions drew a multitude of players both professional and amateur and was home to so many great blues artists like the Holmes Brothers, Poppa Chubby, Harry Holt, Jon Paris, Big Ed Sullivan, Sweet Georgia Brown, Roxy Perry, Robert Ross, Pat Cisarano, Bill Sims, Joe Taino and hundreds of others who have made a mark on the local, national and international blues scene.

I spent 11 years hanging out at Dan Lynchs’ where I leaned by watching and playing with some of the greats. Along with Dave Doneghy and George Morales, I was honored to be a member of the Saturday jam session house band for the last two years of the bar’s existence. It was where I earned my master’s degree in music and developed many lasting friendships. I believe this is the only live recording ever done at Lynchs’. So with all its hiss, and rough around the edges mixing, here is a small piece of what was the Dan Lynch Bar on Second Ave and 13th St. Though there are only four of us on the CD, I hope we bring at least some of the spirit of Lynchs to life and all the wonderful, beautiful cats who made it the legend is it.



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